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Now interviewing for our

August 26th - August 29th Sessions.

Only 16 slots left.

Sign up today for an interview @


Present your dream project to us.

We are taking 20 guests for this retreat, and everyone walks away with an actual detailed business plan, a real marketing plan with a calendar schedule for one year to successfully launch your project in a way that actually works specifically for you.

Guests also walk away with basic AI engineering skills so that they can continue to grow their pet project without restraints.

Guests will spend time creating and launching parts of their dream project in a group setting where they can get support, encouragement and feedback right here at Big Bear Recording Studios.

Our goal at this retreat is to bring 20 talented and committed artists together to co-create while giving everyone the skills they need to easily market themselves, their brand, their art gallery, their website, their screenplay, their band, and filmmakers looking for a new way to budget and put an indie major motion picture and/or TV series together.


Our August Retreat offers the perfect opportunity to create, relax, and shop while working on your dream project using all the latest AI cutting edge tools. Learn to work with AI in front of our live group, having the time of your life.

If you want to work on music and music production, this place would be the perfect place for you. We work with bands with band promotion, tour schedules, and setting up a real band plan for your future.

At BBR Studios, you’ll receive some of the most incredible guidance you’ve ever gotten to launch your creative career and we are going to give you the tools, the feedback, and collaboration you need to take what you’re doing to the next level.

There are AI tricks that most media outlets have not announced yet, and we have them all to super boost whatever project you want to market. And if we believe in your project, you can be sure we will do everything we can to help you succeed.

We will also have a conversation about ai and copyright laws and infringement. How to work with Midjourney and how to project your creations.


Sign up for this package retreat and you will also get full access to Big Bear Recording Studios musical WALL OF DRUMS, our interactive musical art installation.

Come experiment, record and create in our recording rooms, demo our battery-operated recording equipment that allows you to record out in nature.

Demo the Wood Tone Amp that will turn your acoustic guitar into a magic trick to blow the minds of everyone around you!




What is included in this workshop?

3 meals a day, lodging and all the courses and project work that you take home with you on a thumb drive, including a business plan and the year calendar marketing plan.



Websites and Domain name Fees are not included. Depending on if you want to and where you want to launch your website, prices vary. We recommend ZYRO.COM, as they are running a great special of $88.00 for your own website for three years with no ads.

Schedule a ZOOM appointment to see if we will be able to help you with your project within the confines of this retreat.

This retreat is for ages 21 and over.

This is a medical marijuana friendly retreat!

Every Guest is REQUIRED to bring their own computer or laptop.

You will need a good laptop to run the ai programs we are teaching.


Day 1:

· Early arrival and check-in to your hotel.

· Enjoy the lake or Shop around the village.

· Meet at Big Bear Recording Studios @ 12 noon to begin the first day of the intensive.


On the trolley ride over we are all going to get to know each other and share our unique dreams and projects we wish to fulfill here.


Arrive at Big Bear Recording Studios 12 NOON.


· Welcome Lunch -

With an intro to AI generating and AI Art, The Power of Words. 20 minute presentation -


 3 hours -Everyone gets up and takes turns turning their project into a reality, using ai and reading or looking at the results - using AI generation with Mid Journey, AI ChatGPT, AI Chat Bing and AI Chat Bart - Comparing the difference between them, and learning how to use them all together for your benefit.

· Break off into small groups to play singing bowls for 15 minutes.

· Tea Break and group brainstorming session on the deck. 30 minutes

· Music and Video Editing EASY production workshop demo with Cyberlink Director Suite - Turning AI into live action.

· Free time for individual practice on your laptop and collaboration, music studio time,

Visit and experiment our magic music and art rooms to get inspired and try out new musical instruments and musical art installations.

· For an early dinner (Included in the package)

Unlimited Salad Bar, and a variety of burgers and tacos, some with meat and some vegan.

· Evening activity (e.g. campfire, game night at the hotel)


Day 2:

Get up and take the Big Bear Trolley to Big Bear Recording Studios for Breakfast 9:00am

· Breakfast at Big Bear Recording Studios with a buffet-style catered breakfast with made-to-order options.

· Group brainstorming session on how to use AI in your artistic career as we go into action, continuing to bring everyone's project to life, one after another.

Every 3 hours we will take break off in to groups.


Lunch on the deck with sandwiches, pasta and salads.

· Break off into small groups to play singing bowls for 15 minutes.

· Tea Break and group brainstorming session on the deck.

3 hours of Music and Video Editing EASY production workshop demo with Cyberlink Director Suite part II. Editing with ai and Website building using ai.

· Free time for individual practice and collaboration, music studio time, visit and experiment in our magic music and art rooms to get inspired and try out various musical instruments, as wells as our famous musical art installations.

· For an early dinner, the group takes a trolley ride around Big Bear Lake to have dinner in Big Bear Village at Himalaya, the best Indian Restaurant on the West side of the globe (Included in the package).

· Evening activity (e.g. campfire, game night)

· DAY 3

Breakfast at Big Bear Recording Studios with a buffet-style catered Conventional breakfast with a spread of breads, bagels, fruit, coffee and juices.

· Start the day with a singing bowl and metal drum circle at the studio.


Early Check out at the hotel. Take your car or Trolley to Big Bear Recording Studios for our final workshop. Be here by 9am for breakfast.


· Breakfast - Fresh Coffee, Fresh Orange Juice, French Breakfast with croissants, doughnuts, hard boiled eggs, toast, bagels, cream cheese and a variety of fruit, nuts and other fun breakfast things to start the day.


· Meditation Drum circle with tongue drums and singing bowls.


· Recording of each guest playing and performing their own drum song.


· Tea Time and prep time for final AI workshop to finish up and prepare all work for publishing.

Lunch at the studio will be a buffet of various delicious and healthy meals to choose from, including do it yourself tacos served vegan and with meat.


· Each person puts the final touches on their project.


If we have time, we will go through every project and share it so that everyone can see everyone's work and sign up to follow them online across the social media platforms. This way we get everyone to help support each other and we help everyone to create an immediate network.

The workshop ends officially at 3pm, but we will keep working and will stay on to finish all projects and see everyone leaves happier than they arrived.

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