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Helping young people earn a living while helping kids help kids!

You must be at least 18 years of age.


  1. CPR Certified and LIVESCANNED 

  2. At least 1-year experience working directly with children ages 2 - 12  

  3. Four strong CHARACTER recommendations are required from either your teachers or previous employers.

  4. If you have teaching experience with children and love music and meditation, this after-school program will
    end up being very rewarding for you and everyone you touch.  Almost every private elementary school,
    and charter elementary school in Los Angeles County has some sort of the after-school program,
    and they are always looking to add another new program to their roster.

  5. A Strong Musical background is a huge plus!  


We charge $200.00 per child for an 8-week session class of 20 children that meets once a week for 8 weeks.  


Our teachers take home $800.00 in Super Cellular earnings for teaching a class that meets for one hour - once a week over 8 weeks.

Teachers get paid $200.00 every two weeks over 8 weeks through

PAYPAL or the CASH app of their choice.   


 Bring this after-school program to your local charter school and/or private school once a week and

help make the world a healing place while you make a few bucks for college! 




  1. www.SuperCellular.Org  does not employ anyone to teach our program who is not LIVESCANNED .

  2. You must go get FINGERPRINTED and LIVESCANNED to work with kids  -

  3. Please only submit for a job with us when this has been completed @ 

  4. You must be CPR Certified 

  5. To become a Super Cellular Teacher you must take a FREE one-day training course to become Super Certified! (The course is 1 hour)

  6. You must really love this program, and have experience working with kids.

  7. You must have an iPhone or an android capable of  recording mp3 files of the kids. You will need to upload the footage you record
    every class back to us over here at our SUPER CELLULAR SERVERS at Super Cellular HEADQUARTERS where we will transform
    your videos of your kids into singing and acting animated Super Heroes that will be posted on

  8. Experience with yoga, music, meditation, and guided imagery is a huge plus!  


Starting a Jr. SUPER CELLULAR TEACHING PROGRAM for the kids:

  1. Individuals under 18 can teach classes after training as an intern under a Super Certified Teacher during a Super Cellular 8 Week Course.  

    The Minor will act as a teacher's helper and learn the ropes.  

    If after the 8-Week Course they have shown up on time and helped out and learned the program,

    they will qualify to become Jr. Super Teachers!  

  2. When a Jr. Super Teacher starts an after-school program with us -

  3. we put 50% of their earnings into any college fund of their choice so they can save for their future.  



Check Out The CLASS Material!


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